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Gate Repair

Gate Repair Service | Garage Door Repair Fallbrook, CA

Hinges Might Be The Problem

The hinges on your gate are bound to get worn down, or even rusted over time, thanks to the constant daily use. This can cause stickiness that makes your gate move more slowly, jerkily, or even noisily. We can take care of it! Our experts can perform wielding repairs, or if necessary, replace the hinge completely to get things working smoothly again.

Your Gate Could Be Misaligned

An accidental bump with a car or even just a harsh storm can be enough to knock your gate's system out of place. Even just a slight tweak can be enough to cause troubles. The sensors could be thrown off, or the gate itself may not close properly and leave your home's security at risk. On top of this, continuing to use your gate when it's off kilter can cause more damage over time as well. Our professionals can come out and carefully go over everything to ensure it's in the proper place!

Having Opener Issues?

If you're noticing issues such as your gate getting stuck trying to open, taking longer to respond than usual, or even not seeming to work at all, this can all point to a malfunctioning opener. It's an integral part of the whole system, so it's important to be sure it's in good shape! We're knowledgeable in a wide array of types, so we'll be able to repair whatever's gone wrong with yours! Whether parts need repaired or replaced, we'll get it done quickly so you can get back to your tight schedule in no time.

Is Your Intercom Acting Up

Our technicians can repair intercom systems as well! There's no reason to suffer with an irritating intercom that you can never seem to send or receive communication from easily, so let us get it working again.

Don't Wait Any Longer!

Take the first step to getting your gate back in pristine condition, and call Garage Door Repair Fallbrook today. You'll only regret not calling sooner! Contact us now.

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